Re: [dev] [dwm] ncol layout

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 09:43:03 +0100

On 31 October 2011 09:39, Thomas Dahms <> wrote:
> 2011/10/31 Anselm R Garbe <>:
>> So after having clarified the question about if you'd change nmaster
>> dynamically, I'd like to clarify this
>> question:
>> --> What is your typical range of nmaster in reality? Is it just 1-2
>> or even 1-3 or more?
> I use ncol with nmaster=2 most of the time. On small screens I use
> nmaster=1 (which is equivalent to standard tile).

Ok, if the majority rarly increases nmaster to 3, I would suggest the
approach to have setnmaster() rather than incnmaster(). Then one could

Mod1-t: setnmaster(1); setlayout(tile);
Mod1-Shift-t: setnmaster(2); setlayout(tile);

Instead of having an inc/dec action. Manipulating nmaster is like
setting a new layout algorithm to me.

> That said, I have no problem with patching ncol in, no need to have it
> in mainline. I think others may not want it and layouts should be in
> mainline only when a majority of users actually uses them.

I don't intend adding features that no one uses.

Out of curiosity, is anyone using ncol > 3?

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