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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 13:14:42 +0100

* Anselm R Garbe <> [2011-10-31 12:51]:
> On 31 October 2011 12:45, <> wrote:
> > -- consider following: by chance, hundreds thousands of non-expert users
> This scenario is very unlikely,

I agree, not the best example. My remark was not of great practical
relevance, I know.

That aside, many things have been judged unlikely to the point of
impossible and still happened. And always there are people to say "I
told you" and become famous for that. So, it's worth doubting decisions
even if you don't know any better. hehe.

> judging from the Stockholm syndrome
> Apple users suffer from.

Funny you say that, after I read this weekend at least three comments
along the lines of:

        "It turns out the iPad Camera Connection Kit ($29) can be used
        for much more than just connecting to a camera. Could this be
        another iPad surprise from Cupertino?" source:[1]


Buy a USB host cable, name it Camera Connection Kit, sell it for 30$, make money.
Buy a USB host cable, name it Storage Magic Connector, sell it for 30$, make money.
Buy a USB host cable, name it Incredible Whatever, sell it for 30$, make money.

And they adore you!

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