Re: [dev] [dwm] 2000 SLOC

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 15:25:48 +0000

On 31 October 2011 14:57, Bjartur Thorlacius <> wrote:
> There's nothing wrong with HTML documentation per se, and it sure is not
> worse than ASCII. Why do you believe roff is better than HTML? Just pipe the
> markup through htmlfmt(1) or html2text(1) if you like reading documentation
> on terminal emulators. And as long as the markup
> is terse, reading marked up text is perfectly acceptable.

Roff is actually one of the ugliest markup languages I have ever seen.
HTML is actually pretty decent if you think about it. It's
(more-or-less) XML, which isn't nice, but I'd take that over roff any
day. Anyway, the main problem with the web is the obsession with CSS
and JavaScript.

On 31 October 2011 15:04, pancake <> wrote:
> Markdown is the only decent option for documentation. A part from a .docx

Markdown is great to use, but iirc has no well-defined syntax, which
makes it difficult to parse efficiently.

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