Re: [dev] [dmenu] Readline Bindings

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 20:06:53 +0100


We aren't intending to have 'readline' bindings, readline just happens
to have a few useful bindings we can steal.

On 14/11/2011, Bastien Dejean <> wrote:
> C-w is not extremely useful as it considers that anything except
> 'space' is a word character.

I actually find this more useful. A lot of implementations zip through
all your non-alnum symbols when you hit C-w, which I just find

> I find the behavior of C-f and C-b to be counter intuitive in the
> 'fallthrough' cases.

Why do you find it counterintuitive? I find it very intuitive. :p

> Besides, 'C-p' and 'C-n' are inverted:

Oops! This one is a bug. That's a bad. Fixed in tip.

> Has a vim style path completion (C-x C-f) been considered?

It's been considered, and rejected. dmenu isn't intended to be a shell

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