Re: [dev] [dmenu] Readline Bindings

From: Bastien Dejean <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 21:51:58 +0100

Connor Lane Smith a écrit :

> On 14/11/2011, Bastien Dejean <> wrote:
> > Well, suppose you're using C-f to move down in the list of matches, then
> > you want to move up, you hit C-b because it's the natural symmetric of
> > C-f and you end up moving the cursor backward in the search string.
> No, if you're part-way through the results and you hit C-b you just
> move back through the results. Only if you cannot go back do you begin
> to move the cursor; dmenu is a menu first, an input field second. (And
> C-n / C-p don't move the cursor at all.)

This is only true when the search string is empty which is extremely
rare: most of the times the first thing the user do is to type a few
characters to filter the results and hence, the cursor is then at the
end of the search string, C-f will move down in the search results and
C-b backward in the search string.

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