Re: [dev] dmenu's lsx binary naming conflicts with lrzsz!

From: Roger <>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 15:32:40 -0900

> On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 11:44:45PM +0100, Connor Lane Smith wrote:
>On 27 November 2011 23:13, Roger <> wrote:
>> Very well.  I'm considering renaming lsx to dmenu_lsx and it looks like lsx's
>> only occurance is within /usr/bin/dmenu_run?  Or is the name change going to
>> break anything else?
>Correct, it only appears in dmenu_run.
>On a related note, I'm considering replacing lsx with a more generic
>solution, stest, in new releases. I haven't made my mind up, but it's
>only a few lines more and it simplifies dmenu_run to no end. I hope
>'stest' isn't taken in anyone's distro? I checked Debian, but they
>were fine with lsx too.
>(Or should we call it 'lstest'? Or... I'm open to ideas.)

locate "stest" |grep ^stest$

remarkably returns null, else I screwed-up my grep test. However, there were
many numerous hits with embedded stest within text strings.

Far less common was lstest as locate simply returned two hits from mtools:

locate "lstest"

lstest seems to have more meaning from a user perspective. stest seems to be
something for testing for strings within a text file vs. ls being commonly used
for list directory files.

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