[dev] Shameless patch request

From: Justin Pogue <pogue.justin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 11:04:27 -0600

At work, I typically have a terminal doing something like "while true;
do ls -l /var/cores && sleep 10 && clear; done", and it bugs me that
I'm taking up so much screen space with things like that when all I
need to be able to see is whether or not there are any files being
created there. All I need is 2 or 3 lines of output.

What would be awesome would be the ability to adjust the height of a
specific window in the stack and have all of the other windows just
fill the available space. I am not much of a programmer outside of
the occasional butchering of perl for the purposes of automating
things I don't really understand. If this would be easy to do and
someone is bored and/or feels like being a generally awesome guy, I
would be forever in your debt. If this already exists or if there are
better solutions, I'm open to that too.


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