Re: [dev] wmii falling out of favor

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 15:49:32 +0100


On 22 December 2011 15:35, dtk <> wrote:
> I tag clients according to the topic they deal with (yess, I have
> *several* Firefox windows open on different tags at any given point in
> time -.-), which is why static tagging with a predefined number of tags
> works really really bad for me :/

That doesn't make any sense. dwm can have up to 32 tags. Do you tend
to use more than 32 tags in wmii? If not, why are you worried about
hitting that limit? Whether you defined the number at compile time is
irrelevant in this case.

> I only have 1024x768 pixels of screen space, and permanently displaying
> unused windows in a slave area is *such* a horror.

This is why dwm has tags: just don't view the tags you aren't using.
Like you say, tag clients according to their role, and then by
definition those which are not being used needn't be seen. However,
you may be interested in flextile [1].

> Being able to swiftly
> create a new column (or maybe even two) with an independent layout when
> needed and merge clients back into a single column is such a treat.

If you substitute "tag" for "column", this is the dwm workflow. In my
experience columns tend to over-complicate... Especially if each has
its own layout. Are you sure, say, flextile isn't enough?

> Unusable WM is unusable :(

It's true that dwm doesn't work like wmii. I think that's for the
better. Clearly, some may disagree, but I think if you try doing
things the "dwm way", you may be surprised how pleasant it is to use.
Failing that, i3 [2] is a wmii-style still in development, though it
has a whole bunch of bugs that irritated me too much, so I returned to
the much more stable dwm. (With nmaster. Can't go without nmaster.)


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