Re: [dev] monsterwm - 700 SLOC dwm fork

From: Nick <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 19:20:21 +0000

Quoth Kurt H Maier:
> On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 08:55:21PM -0800, Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> > monsterwm[1] is a cool new dwm fork that's currently less than 700 SLOC
> > while sporting bstack and grid layouts in addition to tile and monocle.
> it doesn't do tagging at all, as far as I can tell.

Yep, this makes it just a plaything, as far as I'm concerned.
Ripping float and tagging code out of dwm and pointing out that it's
smaller isn't a particularly interesting thing to do.
> > It's very popular[2] these days on the Arch Linux forums; try it out! :)
> this is basically the worst possible endorsement I can think of.
> it's like trying to sell a specific brand of motor oil because pol
> pot preferred to drown people in it.

I was hoping you'd respond to this, Kurt. The Arch community is not
one I'm involved in at all, but from the outside they seem to have a
lot of pretty uninformed people doing strange things in their midst.
All good practise and experimentation and whathaveyou, but can be
annoying to see such works referenced before they have become

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