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Automate your Twitter business. Search tweets, send tweets,
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Text marketing is bigger and better than email and the largest
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You just need a cell phone that receives texts.
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The 5-5-5 Plan
Receive 5 Text Messages Daily.
Find 5 To Do The Same.
Invest 5 Minutes A Day.
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About Us ~

Have you ever heard of 16 billion dollar Groupon? We are the
#1 competitor predicted to be worth 3 billion by the end of the
year and sold publicly!

Program disclaimer:

This is a 100% no cost program.
No commissions are paid for the act of recruiting.
Compensation is earned only when: #1) a member/agent provide
a service to the company such as receiving up to 5 texts or
e-mails daily is a service. #2) When a member/agent were to sell
or acquire financially a product or service. Any financial
acquirement of any product or service is 100% OPTIONAL. There are
three levels of involvement. Members, Referral Agents & VIP
Referral Agents. VIP Referral Agents have sold or acquire
financially a domestic or international VIP Advertising Package
to a Non-Member or Non-Referral Agent.

Office Hours
10 am - 7pm, M-F
10 am - 8pm ,Sat

Daniel J. Barnett and Associates
1550 Larimer St. , Suite 219 Denver, Co. 80202
Automate your Twitter business. Search tweets, send tweets,
add users! No monthly fees !



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