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From: Aurélien Aptel <aurelien.aptel_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 23:41:53 +0200

Hi all,

As I'm enrolled in Google Summer of Code until the end of summer,
updates to st are unlikely. If someone is interested in working on it,
ask Anselm for a write access to the repo.
If you want some ideas, here are a few a the top of my head:

* I think the Xdbe patch is interesting and should be integrated. Any
experimentation to make the drawing faster while keeping the terminal
logic separated from the drawing is welcome. As I've already said, I'm
don't know much about X11.
* There are also some bugfixes that have been posted on the list that
I have not looked into which should probably be integrated as well.
I'm thinking of the the new-output-but-not-refreshing bug which is
* Improve xterm compatibility.
* The selection code has to be cleaned up. I've started to commit some
things locally but it's not finished.
* Merge the Xft branch and refactor code in order to have one
interface for both system. Improve the support for unusual glyph in a
smart way (switch to another font is not present in the current one,
etc). This can be tedious because you have to work around Xlib in
weird ways. You can look at urxvt for implementation details.
* Implement scrollback buffer. I've never needed this one but it's one
of those thing where lot of people ask for it and it's not very hard
to implement.
* There's more in the TODO and README files.
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