Re: [dev] suckless document generator for C code

From: Galos, David <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 13:29:11 -0500

> I guess I like the idea of keeping all the information in the C header
> file. This makes it clean.

Less clean than troff files for the docs, I think. And retrieval is
definitely uglier than "man headername"

> The problem right now is the APIs are kept in a MS Word Office 2010
> .docx file, which doesn't work right with LibreOffice.

Ye gads!

> So I would prefer anything else over using MS Word to update the API
> docs.

Manpages are written in troff. Look up a manpage-writing
tutorial. Source documentation should concisely hint
at the algorithms, and _meanings_ of unclear things.

Manpages document the api, usage, and gotchas etc..
And, with troff, you can still do cool things like render
the pages to html, or pdf.
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