Re: [dev] libixp questions

From: Sanel Zukan <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 17:53:48 +0200

> Have you considered FIFOs and/or sockets?
> Oh, you want win32... INET sockets as a fallback?

Yes, and would end up probably with similar library like libixp or
DBus, as both have ability to communicate either locally or via tcp
which is quite desired in my case.

Also, DBus exports objects on paths quite similar to fs paths, which
is already nicely done with libixp; on that I'm planning to build
'OO RPC', just like DBus does it.

Since project tends to be light, I'm considering even DBus heavy, so
you can probably assume how things like XPCOM or various CORBA
implementations are ruled out from the start.

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