[dev] Two mini pipe utils

From: Edgaras <devoas_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 22:16:04 +0300

I have created a couple of tiny utils for working with pipes. Don't know if
they are even sizable enough to be of interest, or if anyone will find use for
them. I wanted something like 'pd' for some things I want to do, and could not
find it, so I wrote it, and then I wrote it's antagonist ir.

pd - "pipe discarder" for lack of a better name, it reads stdin write to
stdout, simply ignoring sigpipe, so you can place it between some application
writing continuous output and a pipe, which you want to look at only some

ir - "infinite reader" takes file name (intended to be used with FIFOs) as an
argument, reads from it non stop ignoring EOF, so you can "multiplex" output
that was written into FIFO at different times, that is it can feed some
application whatever comes at the pipe, no matter how many times it is closed
and opened at the write end.

And thats all they do. Maybe someone will find some use for it.

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