[dev] [st] New patches

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <k0ga_AT_shike2.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2012 18:59:02 +0200


        This is a new serie of patches for st related to control codes. In
the case of 0003-Add-SI-and-SO-control-codes.patch code does the same that
linux virtual terminal and my real vt520, but xterm and uxterm have other
behaviour, so if someone could give some aditional information about this
issue then please say it. In the patch
0004-Print-control-codes-only-in-graphic-mode.patch I have changed the
priority of checks:

     1: If we are in a STR sequence then handle it and return.
     2: If ascii is a control code then handle it and continue.
     3: Else if we are in a ESC sequence handle it and return.
     4: Print the character. Control codes are printed only in graphic mode.

     After checked some strange sequences in xterm and uxterm this seems the
correct order, but I can not be sure about str sequences because I can not
find documentation about them (I think they were added by xterm).

     It is possible these patches can help with the problem of KarlOskar
Rikås with sandy, because maybe the lost glyph were some control codes, but
I can not be sure because I can not reproduce the problem in my computer.

Roberto Vargas,

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