[dev] [st] patch to support mouse wheel scrolling

From: Brandon Invergo <brandon_AT_invergo.net>
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2012 19:44:46 +0100


Because, unfortunately, you sometimes have a mouse in your hand...

Here's a patch to add support for buttons 4 and 5 on your mouse (usually
the scroll wheel). Like the keyboard bindings in conf.def.h, you can
choose strings to write to the tty upon pressing these buttons (well,
upon scrolling the wheel, usually).

The default values that I gave them ("\031" and "\005") will scroll in
less (and man pages, of course), in screen's copy mode, and in
vim...anything that uses CTRL-Y and CTRL-E to scroll. Obviously these
won't work for Emacs users; for them I would recommend setting them to
"\033[A" and "\033[B", which will move the cursor one line at a time,
eventually scrolling when it reaches the edge of the terminal.


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