Re: [dev] only first tag and can't switch to other tags

From: Simon Lieb <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 20:51:50 +0100

On 28/11/12 16:50:12, major_ghz wrote:
> hello,
> when i try to mod1+(1-9) there is no action.
> i use bépo and the num need shitf to activate.
> how can i switch to another tag ?
> may be need to change mod1 (alt) by another key, peraps win key or
> another. if it's that, how change the def of mod1 ?
> else how do for can i switch tag ?
> regard,
> major_ghz.


Glad to see another bépo user here !

I already made a patch for a such keyboard.

It works on FreeBSD, I use it.

You need to find the correct keycode, using `showkey -a` and trying

I switched some other keys, like focusing windows and de|increasing size
of master area from "hjkl" to "ctsr"r ;
Also killclient function from "c" to "x" ;
Switch to floating layout from "f" to "é" (Same place on the keyboards);
And focusing/tagging monitor from [shift+]comma/period to [shift+]q/g.

I hope it will fit your fit your needs.

happy bépo,
Simon Lieb

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