Re: [dev] Re: suggestion

From: Ian Denhardt <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 14:04:23 -0500

> I think this will be a valuable tool that I wished for in many cases.
> (It would be a kind of "ncurses 9term".)
> However, for a "terminal sam" I would want more integration, such as
> switching between different windows and visual display of the dot.

I more or less agree with both of these statements. I also have a
hunch that once something like this exists, it might be easier to
experiment with things that are closer to "terminal sam".

I might try to go build this; the OP's reasons for not doing so
themselves were sound, but I could actually use something like this.
No promises of course; I have a couple other things in the queue and I
don't want to do the thing where I fork-bomb my ability to get
anything done again. Anyone else who wants to take a whack at it
should more or less assume I won't get anything done.


(If you're wondering "who the heck is this guy?", I've been lurking
for a while, but haven't said anything. I've probably bumped into a
few of you as wobsite on freenode.)
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