[dev] snotes v0.9 - a simple notes system

From: v4hn <me_AT_v4hn.de>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 04:22:51 +0100

Hey everyone,

I mentioned some days ago in a private conversation
that I've written a small notes organizer using dmenu
and git. People got curious and so I cleaned it up
a bit and hereby publish

snotes version 0.9

If you find any flaws or like to propose improvements,
please write me a mail.

It is available from https://github.com/v4hn/snotes .

Its major selling points are independence from all big platforms
normally associated with note organizers, like Mono, GTK/Qt or emacs,
and simplicity by design. The whole project is approx. 200 lines of
sh code at the moment and integrates beautifully with dwm.



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