Re: [dev] Suckless Beer Recipe Creator

From: Wolfgang Sanyer <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 22:53:14 -0500


Thanks for your input. Looking back, I agree with you about the ASCII
stuff. I used some module to format the tables for me, bc I didn't want to
reinvent the wheel there. I'll check if I can configure the borders out of
it, and if not I'll have to implement my own table printing method.

ezzieyguywuf was my first ever screen name, back in middle school. I coined
it for AIMing with girls: I wanted them to know I was "easy" and that I'm a
guy. And my name is Wolfgang, so I appended the wuf. Oh, and the silly
spelling for ezziey came from some silly group me and my friends formed:
one guy was exx, another was whiey, and I was zziey. *shrug* I used it for
my github account because I've been using it on forums and IEC, on the off
chance that someone "recognizes" me.


Wolfgang E. Sanyer
On Feb 6, 2013 10:44 PM, "Sam Watkins" <> wrote:

> Wolfgang Sanyer wrote:
> > Hello Group :-)
> >
> > I've written what I believe to be a Beer Recipe Creator that Sucks Less.
> >
> Anything to do with beer sucks less that your average shell tool!
> For my money, python is a highly suckless language, at least the language
> itself. Might use excessive resources for the runtime, not sure.
> One suggestion: get rid of the fancy ASCII table borders,
> it would be more readable and suck less without them!
> (also, then you can use the output as input to other tools,
> such as a beer recipe compilation tool or text to html converter!)
> You could keep a single horizonal line between table header and body,
> but that's not really needed either.
> I didn't review the code, just had a quick look.
> What's with ezzieyguywuf that's quite the strange username!
> Sam
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