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From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2013 20:39:16 +0100

Suckless people from all around the world will meet this year in the city
of Munich at slcon 2013.

# What timezone are the mentioned dates in?
* Europe/Berlin

# What will happen when?
* until 2013-03-15
        * Call for Registration
* until 2013-04-15
        * Call for Papers
* on 2013-05-15
        * Release of the programme and schedule
* 2013-06-21 to 2013-06-23
        * 2013-06-21
                * social event
        * 2013-06-22
                * slcon 2013 day 1 + social event
        * 2013-06-23
                * slcon 2013 day 2 + end

# Where will it happen?
* Munich
        * The location depends on how many people register.
        * A separate announcement right after the deadline for the
          registration will describe where slcon 2013 will happen exactly.

# How do I register to attend?
* Send an e-mail to con_AT_suckless.org telling us your name and on how many of
  the days you want to attend the conference. Please do this until 2013-03-15.

# What topics will the Suckless Conference be about?
* Suckless software
        * talks about existing suckless software
        * ideas for further improvement
* Suckless techtalk
        * talks about suckless technology
* Suckless project ideas
        * talks about project ideas
* Suckless philosophy
        * talks about the suckless philosophy

These are hints what the topics should be mainly about. If you think something
belongs onto the schedule of slcon but it does not fit the the above points,
just register the talk/event. Suckless is flexible.

# How do I register for a talk/event?
* Send the title and a description of what you will present to con_AT_suckless.org
  until 2013-04-15.
* Be sure to register that you will attend too so we can plan the size of the
  of the place where the conference happens more easily.
* Preferred format is text/plain and formatted UTF-8. Don't send huge PDF
  files which can't be viewed in st(1). less(1) is our PAGER. Please break
  your lines at 80 chars.

# What are the costs?
* After we received the number of people interested in such a conference costs
  are calculated. Standard economics apply.

# Where can I sleep?
* When the location is announced a list of nearby Hotels will be given.

# How do I get there?
* Germany has a very good infrastructure. Except for trains everything works
  very well. Since the location is not defined yet, planning for the airport
  MUC should be enough for now.

# Where is the website?
* We don't like websites.

slcon 2013 organisation team
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