[dev] [surf] 0.6 release

From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 19:54:23 +0100

Greetings comrades,

I am proud to announce the release of surf 0.6. This was only possible
with the help of many contributors and especially the ones that can
grasp this Gtk complexity and insanity. Many contributed patches for
surf were integrated into the main repository. Thanks!

What changed in 0.6:
* config.h:
        * Many macros were converted to variables.
        * DOWNLOAD is now using curl instead of wget to use the given
          filenames from the HTTP headers.
                  * DOWNLOAD is using st now as default x terminal.
        * caret browsing, plugins, scripts, images and the inspector can now
          be disabled in the config.h
        * Different progress bar mode colors can be defined.
                * The thickness of the progress bar can be defined.
        * Surf is now using some user agent to irritate the whole web and
          trick them into giving back webkit-compatible HTML.
        * Untrusted SSL connections can be configured to be refused.
        * The definition of the *file variables has changed to now allow the
          more natural "~/" notation for the home directory. The old directory
          definition does not work anymore, so be sure to update your

* In the UI now an indicator string is prepended to show what features are
  activated in that surf instance. »cIsV« will mean that caret browsing is
  off, images were loaded, scripts are not executed and plugins are loaded.
        * The keyboard shortcuts below will toggle the modes and force a
          reload of the page.

* Cookie handling has been reworked.

* There are now different colors for the progress bar, whether the site is
  trusted, unencrypted or untrusted. These colors can be configured.

* The commandline arguments were extended to be more flexible in what each
  instance of surf does on startup.
          * -s
                * disable javascript
        * -p
                * disable plugins
        * -n
                * disable web inspector (developer tools)
        * -i
                * disable images
        * -c cookiefile
                * use a different cookiefile
        * -r scriptfile
                * use a different scriptfile
        * -t stylefile
                * use a different stylefile

* There is now a surf-open.sh script in the distribution that can be easily
  reused to create your main tabbed window where all your surf instances run.

* The manpage has been reworked.
        * It now includes information about how to handle plugins.

* Many new keyboard shortcuts are available:
        * Ctrl + b
                * Scroll up one whole page view.
        * Ctrl + Space
                * Scroll down one whole page view.
        * Ctrl + /
                * Same as Ctrl + f now.
        * Ctrl + Shift + k || Ctrl + +
                * Zoom page in.
        * Ctrl + Shift + j || Ctrl + -
                * Zoom page out.
        * Ctrl + Shift + q
                * Reset zoom.
        * Esc
                * Stop loading the page.
        * Ctrl + Shift + o
                * Open the Web Inspector in horizontal tiling.
        * Ctrl + Shift + c
                * Toggle caret browsing.
        * Ctrl + Shift + i
                * Toggle auto loading of images.
        * Ctrl + Shift + s
                * Toggle javascript execution.
        * Ctrl + Shift + v
                * Toggle the enabling of plugins on that surf instance.
        * F11
                * Toggle fullscreen.

* The interaction with tabbed xids is fixed now.


Christoph Lohmann
Received on Sun Feb 10 2013 - 19:54:23 CET

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