Re: [dev] Find window with dmenu

From: Chris Down <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 17:39:30 +0800

Just a comment on your method rather than your problem, calling ''grep''
that many times through that many pipes is fairly expensive and should be
avoided, since it has to create each new process and pass the same data
through every single one. You'd be better using awk and a single pipe.


On 12 February 2013 17:36, Thomas Dean <> wrote:

> I often have many windows open (mostly with pdf files I need to read), and
> try to come up with a tool that lets me find and focus a window easily. I
> now simply list all windows with xwininfo and feed that to dmenu. But the
> list is full of invisible/dummy windows I don't care about. I clean the
> list somewhat with sed, but I can't figure out how to cleverly filter out
> all the unwanted windows in the list. See the attached scripts. Does anyone
> know a solution for this? Is there an existing tool that lists all
> "visible" windows along with their id?
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