Re: [dev] gregkh likes us

From: Mihail Zenkov <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 00:40:54 +0000

2013/2/17, Kai Hendry <>:
> Also doesn't help that I can't easily compile the bloated kernel
> without setting fire to my machine or taking days out of my life to
> unselect all the bits I don't need in the config.

Yes, kernel have many options - but is great as you can tune it very
accurately without unneeded bloat.

I use self configured kernel begin from 2.0.36. It not very hard task
if you know your hardware. Maybe some part like network can bit
confuse. If you at once configure own kernel you can use this config
for all future kernels with minimal reconfigure. There is no only one
thing: user comment in menuconfig - it would be great if it was
possible to write the comment why I set enable or disable this option.
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