[dev] [st] Usage experience and patches

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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:24:51 +0400


Today I checkouted latest st from repository and tried to replace
urxvt-unicode with it. I have tried several times to do this before, but
there were different annoying things I did not expect and have no time
of trying to fix them.

Today I am very glad that really everything is working out now. mutt,
tmux, vim, zsh, russian language, selection and pasting: everything is
working perfectly fine. urxvt-unicode is deleted now at last. st is
working faster than it, however I had to increase fps value.

Except trivial interface outlook changes, I made several more serious

* I very like to see italic strings more visible by colorizing them.
  Italics are generated by grep, Ack, less, git diff (at least on my
  computer). So 0001-Highlight-italic-string-with-different-color-default.patch
  is based on http://st.suckless.org/patches/boldcolor and do just
  italics color highlighting.
* 0002-Missing-Ctrl-PgUp-PgDown-key-sequences.patch adds Ctrl-PgUp and
  Ctrl-PgDown sequences. I used them to switch tabs inside tmux, so they
  were necessarily at least for me.
* 0003-Missing-Shift-PageUp-key-sequence.patch adds Shift-PgUp sequence.
  Shift-PgDown was already defined here, but PgUp now.

Maybe they will be useful for somebody. Anyway at least I am very happy
to switch to st. Thanks to suckless community!

Happy hacking, Sergey Matveev

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