Re: [dev] [st] strange behaviour with nano

From: Alexander Sedov <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 04:44:11 +0400

Commenting on this even further:
 - tested whether st rightfully extracts selection contents. It does, as
debug output told me, so the problem is in nano.
 - compared rxvt tt_write() with st ttywrite. rxvt's does one more thing:
replaces linefeeds with carriage returns.
 - wrote a patch and test. Syntax hilight still goes mad, but pasting
behaves right.
Conclusion: as it is unheard of an application which can't handle carriage
returns, but some buggy applications cannot handle linefeeds well due to
mysterious and arcane reasons, and because workaround costs three lines of
code, I would propose this patch to be applied to upstream.

2013/2/25 Alexander Sedov <>

> Commenting on this: you don't really need to open a new file, either; just
> try to paste to a line that has no empty line before it.
> As a bonus, it wrecks syntax highlighting.
> 2013/2/24 Andreas Marschall <>
>> hello,
>> this is my first post in a mailing list ever so I hope you guys are not
>> too harsh on me.
>> One thing I noticed when using st in combination with nano (which I
>> usually don't do but rather vim)
>> Opening a text file in nano and marking a few lines with the mouse to
>> copy it to another file with shift + insert the whole text is screwed up
>> and even deletes other parts of the text.
>> Ways to reproduce:
>> -open nano in an st session
>> -open a text file
>> -mark a few lines with the mouse
>> -open a new text file
>> -hit shift + insert

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