Re: [dev] [st] strange behaviour with nano

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 08:42:10 +0100

> You meant nano :P. Well, we are pasting text using keyboard emulation
> (writing to fd). Keyboard sends \n, not \r. So it makes total sense.

Sorry, you are right, I mixed this mail with other (and like nano is the
editor of alpine it was confusing for me). Maybe you are right and we should
change it, because terminals send '\r' and not '\n' (except in crlf mode):

        { XK_KP_Enter, XK_ANY_MOD, "\033OM", +2, 0, 0},
        { XK_KP_Enter, XK_ANY_MOD, "\r", -1, 0, -1},
        { XK_KP_Enter, XK_ANY_MOD, "\r\n", -1, 0, +1},

So it is more logical that pasting send '\r' instead of '\n', but it is a
better place in selcopy

        800 if(is_selected && y < sel.e.y)
        801 *ptr++ = '\n';

that is the place where the selection is generated, and doing it in ttywrite
causes that it is impossible writing a '\n', even with crtl+j.

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