Re: [dev] dwm switches view on _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW

From: Rob <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 12:41:34 +0000

I completely removed that behaviour, I hate focus stealing.
Not a bad idea you've had there though.


On 4 March 2013 10:36, Markus Teich <> wrote:

> Hi,
> a month ago i started using dwm.
> In my rules i send firefox clients to tag 2.
> Now, after starting dwm i am on tag 1 and after i started firefox via
> dmenu, i automatically get switched to tag 2.
> Right after starting dwm this is not that much of a problem, but when i
> have some work in progress and use both views (via mod+tab) and then
> start another application, which is not in the current tagset, i loose
> one of my views to the tags of the started application.
> Is there a particular reason for this behaviour?
> I found it kind of annoying and so i patched it to just pull in the tags
> from the started application without switching view.
> It is pretty simple and also removes one line of code. Yay!
> --Markus
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