Re: [dev] [st] New feature idea

From: Calvin Morrison <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 14:36:27 -0400

On 29 March 2013 14:31, Nick <> wrote:
> So I came across Enlightenment's "Terminology" terminal emulator
> today, and they have many features we don't.
> I recommend skimming the ibPziLRGvkg youtube video.
> How long before we can set videos as the background to our
> terminals? I find modern life is definitely not distracting enough,
> and what I really want is to type white text onto a background of a
> moving snowscape.
> Christoph, is this something you're working on yet? Or is the plan
> still just the boring "make stuff work well" agenda?

While I find many of those features useless, some of them are plain
cool, and are innovative. Why are we stuck with a text terminal when
we aren't using a tty most of the time? Sure simple text modes should
always be supported but additional features are cool. I'd love to be
able do an easy ls and be able to see my picture previews, why not?
It' s not terribly complicated and it sure is useful.

It doesn't follow the unix philosophy to have an embedded version of
ls, but it would make sense to be able to print an image to stdout,
using some escape-chars to start the block of data and to close it.

It's definitely not all good, but that is how innovation is, some good
features will stick and most will fall into nothingness.

I'm still waiting for duke nukem...

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