[dev] [st] st 0.4 release

From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 19:15:09 +0100

Greetings comrades,

many changes have arrived in the st repository and it is time to release
st 0.4.

Thanks to all of the contributors of patches and suggestions!

Please adapt your config.h to the config.def.h, because much has
changed. Please update your terminfo of st too; there much has changed

Changes and Features:
* Rectangular selection
* Reverse mode colors now work correctly
* License change to MIT/X
* New escape sequences: DECOM, VPR, SRM
* The key[] array in config.h now has many more modes and supports more
  controversies in vt terminal history and is the main reason for the size
  increase of the st binary.
  * St now has support for up to the F35 key, which is a gimmick, but allows
    to define special keys per applications, which are then correctly sent by
* Now st does send '\r' instead of '\n' in selection. This will fix many cases
  of not working selection.
* Numlock handling can be toggled.
* Standout is now reverse in terminfo, which makes BSD games work in st.
* Xdbe has been removed. St now works in Xinerama again, but as fast as using
* Back Color Erase has been implemented. This is a modern feature of
  terminals, but creates glitches on meta-terminals like tmux. There simply
  using the TERM=xterm will fix this by not assuming BCE commands.
* The st title can now include UTF-8 and umlaut characters.
* There is now an fps setting to regulate the CPU usage of st. It can be
  adapted for future time continuum changes and if humanity evolves in its
  time sensors.
* Xterm palette swap support.
* CSI parsing is now implemented.
* Default colors for italic and underline can now be defined to have some
  extra highlighting.
* The »primary« and the »clipboard« clipboard have shortcuts.

The release file:

Don’t forget to only report bugs against the git repository. Coporate
laziness will not be tolerated.


Christoph Lohmann
Received on Fri Mar 29 2013 - 19:15:09 CET

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