Re: [dev] [st] New feature idea

From: Martti Kühne <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 14:58:38 +0100

actually looking at this, thinking... wat?

> preview `find 2012-03*.jpg` | less

yeah, that's what I also type when I'm drunk, but it's wrong and
leaves matching the files to the shell instead of to find. you were
looking for -name.

> What are you guys using as a plumber in daily work?

after seeing duke nukem mentioned, so, you *aren't* running SNES
emulator in the back of your head?

I was also thinking about adding questionably useful graphics related
features into my software, eg. I thought about adding a simple pipe
protocol to the cli file browser I was working on, displaying pictures
as one was moving the cursor through a bunch of files... not sure if
one had to patch a viewer to "follow" a pipe's output. But seriously,
that's not a priority idea.
After I have seen the qt5/wayland/raspi demo video on youtube, all
this seems to come included with the unlimited 3d desktop experience
of qt5 anyway.

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