Re: [dev] [st] pictures flickers in w3m-img

From: Thuban <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 18:36:36 +0200

Le 11:26:14 le 09 avril 2013 , Edgaras a écrit :
> Some time ago I was looking into this since I wanted to use st with w3m, what I found out is that this is mostly w3m-imgs settings (unless you managed to patch it), it check for specific terminal, afaik it supports only linux, xterm, and <something>fbterm, nothing else. So for example it does not show images on "fbterm". For a little bit I tried looking ant w3m and w3m-img source, but it seemed a bit scary to me. Also simply setting different TERM var does not seem to make it work, so presumably it is checking some more stuff. But I dont know much about workings of terminals so I can't say anything more.
I just tried to use w3m after setting
export TERM=xterm
but the problem is still here. Did this work for you?

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