RE: [dev] dwm 6.0 - separate taglists for muli-monitor setup

From: Carlos Torres <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 22:44:41 -0400

It has been argued before that the use of named tags is somewhat a
misunderstanding of dwm. There are subtleties about dwm that I myself
don't get yet, and about six or five keymaps that I don't use regularly but
which I should, because they might one day allow me to fully understand.

"I urge you to leave your notions of workspaces or desktops behind, for
they are flawed and incomplete. Go back to config.def.h and learn/live one
keymap a day until the lack of it makes you shout at scrum - blocker!!
Blocker I say!! or the refrigerators lack of 0 when you desperately need a
cold brew - blocker!!
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