Re: [dev] [st] [PATCH] 8bit-meta like xterm

From: Anthony J. Bentley <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:03:25 -0600

Thorsten Glaser writes:
> >I think it is easier a compose key, which allows you define non ascii
> >characteres using keystrokes (compose-key ' a -> á). This is the solution
> >use in my USA keyboard and could generate spanish accents.
> Sure, that works too, and I use it for things like ① but Compose
> takes three keystrokes (up to five) sequentially, while Meta takes
> two or three in parallel (the “up to” is the shift key).

Well, you can define multiple compose keys to make things easier. I used
to have ' ` ^ generate dead accents, so I could get most accented characters
in just two keystrokes (e.g., ' e → é), while using the compose key for
other things (math symbols, typography, Greek letters…). I don’t do that
anymore, since typing ' ' to get a single ' is too hard to get used to.

> The nice thing about ASCII and the QWERTY layout is that it has
> all ASCII characters easily available, so you can enter *all*
> latin1-subset-of-Unicode characters with just it.

I can appreciate that but memorizing the layout of ISO-8859-1 to do it
seems arcane. The mnemonics I define for compose are easier (if a bit
slower to type), and even the X11 defaults aren’t too bad.

Anthony J. Bentley
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