[dev] trying to get surf working on Raspberry pi

From: matti christensen <mattic_AT_iki.fi>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 11:28:21 +0300


i've been building my Raspberry pi system for months now using
http://crux-arm.nu/SupportedDevices/Raspberrypi as base. crux has only
minimal stuff to build on and thus is the best system for me ( it is
really difficult to find minimalist enough system now-a-days ).

i've buit x.org, git, dwm, st and some other things - removed udev and
using devtmpfs, edited startup scripts for my taste ( only some rc.*
files, no directories, etc.).

i also built webkitgtk-2.0.1 with only webkitgtk1 ( and glib, cairo,
atk, gnutls, openssl, gstreamer, gtk2, ....) but surf only gives me
'segmentation' error - no idea why = nothing on syslog, etc...

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