Re: [dev] Re: Why HTTP is so bad?

From: Fernando C.V. <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 12:12:16 +0200

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 3:21 PM, Dmitrij Czarkoff <> wrote:
> How does this problem differ from downloading a file from URI in IRC chat or
> from mail? Why should it be solved differently in browser then?

Doesn't have to be solved differently, but then, for the sake of
convenience, network efficiency and QoS, it would be indeed preferable
to those big files to be accessible without being completely
downloaded, both in IRC, browser or wherever.

Normally this means (for videos at least), the link is actually a html
page with a flash plugin or a <video> tag. Either that or you will
need a video player that speaks http.
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