Re: [dev] lynx?

From: Thorsten Glaser <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 18:11:52 +0000 (UTC)

markus schnalke dixit:

>you rather use w3m?

Is there anyone on earth having figured out how to *use* that,
as in navigate?

Fernando C.V. dixit:

>Also you can write rules for it that allow you to preprocess certain
>websites or handle some of them differently, like running external
>viewers for images, using youtube-dl when you open youtube urls, etc.

Easily done in lynx. dixit:

>For interactive browsing in the terminal, I indeed use w3m more often --
>it renders often better. But, well not always, especially when menu and

Better as in “more nice looking”, that I admit. But I found that it’s
impossible for a text browser to both be navigatable _well_ and render
tables “correctly”.

For example, all links variants *and* www-wo-miru have the problem
that, given a page that consists of a table like this:

 <td>large text with lots of links</td>
 <td>more large text with lots of links</td>

Where the large text spans more than a screen page, even when in
multiple <tr>s, that they make the link order (for up/down/tab)
such that you have first all links from the left column, then
all links for the right column, thus jumping back pages.

Also, I found that they sometimes do horizontal scrolling. Lynx,
while not being optimal, seems to decide to rather break the
layout than do that. When I read “the web” it’s mostly information
(as in: text) consumption, and for that, the layout is secondary.

I do use links2 -g as “manga viewer” (even on file:/// stuff)
because it’s got lynx-like navigation but is fast enough to
display the pictures and does that inline. (And I found that
it supports just enough ECMAscript for the cursor-right key
on to DTRT.)

But other than that and, when GUI stuff is needed, some maybe
recent enough craprowser, Lynx is my primary webbrowser (and
gopher client and ftp client when needed). (And my secondary
newsreader… still prefer pine for that ☺).

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