[dev] [st] mouse motion support

From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2013 14:39:57 +0200

Greetings comrades,

I have pushed some changes to st to fully support the 9 (X10 compatibil‐
ity), 1000 (button press), 1002 (report motion on press), 1003 (always
report motion) and 1004 (report focus) modes of xterm. The same move
bumps up the xfps so when some application is using mouse motion st
doesn’t need to murder the CPU because of too many events in the pipe.

Maybe somewhen 1001 (highlight mode) will be supported, but this one re‐
quires st to get into a special mode of handling the request and re‐
sponse from the client, which can accidently hang the terminal.

Mode 1005 (UTF‐8 report mode) and 1015 (urxvt mangled mode) are not
planned to be supported due to them having corner cases. Applications
using them should use 1006 (extended reporting mode).

Please try out the new changes and report back bugs.


Christoph Lohmann
Received on Sat Jun 01 2013 - 14:39:57 CEST

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