Re: [dev] [sbase] built with watcom

From: Alex Pilon <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 23:08:26 -0400

> > Did nobody fork Arch from before it became poettering’d and UsrMove’d
> > yet? May call it Hintern Linux ;-)
> I can understand why this crowd is afraid of systemd, but being afraid
> of the /usr move stuff just baffles me.

There's worse.

“ingenuity of the ways people had managed to break their installs”.

I don't get why people find the traditional filesystem so complicated.
It might just be a little messy at times.

Also, does anybody here still care about /usr? I would understand if you
want a simple hack to be able to mount anything but the bare bones to
bring the system up, using a networked filesystem… until you have good
union mount support in a mainline kernel. For most users though, no good
reason for it.

Overlayfs might be in Linux 3.10.

Does anybody care about the /bin /sbin distinction either?

I don't have the heart to rebuild **and maintain** a whole dynamically
linked (esp. if Glibc), chock-full of dependencies, Linux distro for
low-memory Geode LX-sporting diskless workstations, nor do I want to use
LTSP. While I'm at it, I was going to clean up the filesystem. Any
gripes with current practice in particular here?

It's currently usable if you consider just busybox, no init (well, a
script at /init), a near bare-bones kernel, and no getty usable.
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