[dev] Maintaining sbase

From: Galos, David <galosd83_AT_students.rowan.edu>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 11:17:40 -0500

I've been watching the slcon talks as they appear on youtube, and I
noticed that sbase was looking for a maintainer. I'd be happy to start
maintaining it.

As for the not-yet-in-place philosophy of the project, I see as far as
keeping any system-specific stuff out. So, modprobe/ifconfig/nldev
wouldn't have a place there, but I could see including sltar, and
similar projects. The system-specific stuff could easily all be lumped
together into some kind of linuxutils, bsdutils, so forth.

Speeking of nldev, it seems very interesting, and I'd love to get all
that udev/systemd crap off my system, but that's for another email.

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