Re: [dev] client-server model

From: Galos, David <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 14:41:29 -0400

> In short, would you still hate X11 if someone went and streamlined both
> protocol and implementation? If so, why?

Maybe not, but that's changing both what it is, and what it does. It
would be a fundamentally different program; how is anyone supposed
to speculate on that?

> If the argument is against complexity: I cannot imagine rio being
> simpler that X11. rio contains driver code for access to the display and
> the inputs, window management code and a terminal emulator.

Isn't that sad for X11? rio should, by all means, be much more complex
than X. But it isn't. It's really just a file multiplexer, with a little bit of
command rewriting. It's also not really a terminal emulator, so much
as it is a text window. That being said, it has its warts. That text window
for example is copy-pasted, then heavily modified across rio, sam, and
acme. For all plan9's focus on cleanliness, I've always found that
very disappointing.
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