Re: [dev] client-server model

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 20:34:23 +0200

anselm once got persuaded to make wmii a 9p server and scripts would
control much functionality via some 9p client script. then he dumped
all such ideas and concentrated on "single-host" software as he
describes above.
reasons are probably that networking and thus client/server stuff is
difficult on lunix without native 9p support. wmii resulted in yet
another newly written library just for that, which people perceived as
crude add-ons to lunix. and generally every abstraction has
trade-offs. dwm seems to be the xorg-only tradeoff.

On 7/1/13, Anselm R Garbe <> wrote:
> On 30 June 2013 10:27, oneofthem <> wrote:
>> Why doesn't any of the suckless software use a client-server model?
> There are very limited use cases for the client/server model. Most of
> them involve multi-system communication. The client/server approach
> makes only limited sense in a single host world.
> Generally speaking, the client/server model requires some general
> purpose "server", which suckless rarely focusses. suckless software
> projects are mainly special purpose, hence the lack of applicability.
> Hope this gives you some idea, why there is nearly no client/server
> software on, if you neglect that we have git a bunch of
> X11 clients...
> Best regards,
> Anselm
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