Re: [dev] Suckless Laser GUI

From: David <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 13:24:56 +0200

Am 02.07.2013 12:48, schrieb Edgaras:
> On Tue, Jul 02, 2013 at 12:33:08PM +0200, David wrote:
>> Am 02.07.2013 09:46, schrieb Edgaras:
>>> On Tue, Jul 02, 2013 at 08:11:36AM +0200, David wrote:
>>>> Am 02.07.2013 07:08, schrieb Edgaras:
>>>>> I think you should reconsider tk, though you need to install tcl and tk, tk is
>>>>> quite nice to work with (with exception of some small hiccups), and if you have
>>>>> a cli for controlling everything it should wrap around it quite well.
>>>> I personally find Tk horrible.
>>> Horible in what way? Apart from web crap. what are alternatives to quickly
>>> creating guis? Especially when you just need wrapper around some cli tool?
>> It looks like crap on every platform, the api is painful (even though
>> defenitly not the worst I have ever seen).
> Afaik looks like crap is old argument, new themed tk widgets integrate into os
> very well. And although I havent yet done large stuff with tk (though I'm
> planing, thats why I'm interested), I have not seen anything particularly
> painful. Most things seem quite intuitive and simple, and I also like tcl quite
> a bit. Only annoying thing I found so far is that listbox widget is not storing
> key - value pairs, only "keys", this is a bit nasty when working with data from
> db.
> Anyways I would be very interested in what you find painful in tk?
The widgets too limited and I don't like the API, using it feels like a
hack (maybe personal preference)
>> I would probably go with Gtk if it has to be C (or my own, -> OpenGL).
> I think gtk has more dependancies? As for gl, writing qui lib sounds quite
> painful, and you need semi decent hw for gl which might hurt portability.
Portability is not the problem, the problem is, it takes time and as I
mentioned if you need it fast or don't want to invest the time or you
need lots of widgets, that makes no sense. I though it might workout for
his "Laser-Project".
>> If you have e.g. python, I'd use wx and if I really need advanced
>> controls and a highly dynamic GUI, Qt.
> I have quite a bit of antipathy for wx. And Qt is Humongous, and is C++,
> and I have doubts that it provides anything more dynamic than tk.
Qt, has a ton more widgets and is incredibly powerful in combination
with Qml (also QWebKit, but Gtk provides that, too).
>> Tk has none of the advantages each of the "3 Major" (gtk, wx, Qt),
>> additionally (as mentioned before), it looks like crap on every platform.
>> - David
> Again for looks like crap, I think you should investigate it.
> Look at shots there, it integrates quite well, though on linux it does not seem
> to be fully configured, or maybe they used some dodgy gtk theme.
When I played around with tk, it looked like crap on Windows and my
Linux, maybe this changed?

- David
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