[dev] Issue with DWM and x-terminal-emulator launching

From: Adam Brand <adam_AT_adamb.net>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 19:11:56 -0400

Loving DWM's style...have installed it on a few boxes without issue. Thanks
to devs for all the hard work!

On my latest build, though I have DWM on Ubuntu 13.04 (minimal; for a Mac
mini build)...working fine except alt-shift-enter brings up a terminal that
has $COLUMNS set to 45. When I exit DWM $COLUMNS stays at 45 and I have to
do stty columns 160 to get things back to normal.

It's only alt-shift-enter; if I do alt-p then run st (or lxterm or
whatever) things work fine.

Any ideas?

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