Re: [dev] [sbase] Adding tar

From: Strake <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 08:42:28 -0500

On 06/07/2013, Galos, David <> wrote:
> The attached patch shows my current work on adapting sltar
> to sbase. It is functional, but, there are still open questions
> regarding tar. The big deal is the argument parsing: I would
> like to use the ARG macros in tar, but I'm not sure how that
> fits with the average tar invocation.
> In short, how do you fine folks invoke your tar?

$ curl whatever.tar.gz | tar -xz
$ tar -C somewhere -xzf file.tar.gz
$ tar -czf file.tar.gz files

tho if z flag and others such were dropped I would soon adapt and not
miss them. Archiver/compressor integration loses, for it needs a flag
and code for each compression format.

The question is how critical these goals each are in sbase: sanity and

We may wish to have a saner core toolkit, and wrappers around them for
legacy usage.

Not sure yet about the C flag; one could do this:
; _AT_{ cd somewhere; gzip -d | tar -x } <file.tar.gz
$ (chdir somewhere; gzip -d | tar -x) <file.tar.gz
but that may be a bit cumbersome to do often.

Alternatively, we could have a utility, say "in", what takes a
directory and further arguments, and execs the further arguments in
said directory.
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