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From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 17:33:56 +0200

I'm the author of radare and I did this code. So yep :) i know how r2 uses it.

I have added a config var to enable truecolor support. You can run this command to test. (Using r2 from git)

r2 -e scr.truecolor=true -cecr /bin/ls

"ecr" will create a random color palette

You can run r2 -cecs - to get a colorcube in rgb256, passing -escr.truecolor=1 will use truecolor.

RCons, the console library of r2 doesnt uses terminfo, just hardcodes everything and it works fine everywhere (except for the truecolor thingy)

On Jul 18, 2013, at 14:10, "Roberto E. Vargas Caballero" <k0ga_AT_shikcom> wrote:

>> * plain ascii
>> * ansi escape codes (16 color codes with bold/italic and background)
>> * 256 color palette (216 colors+16gray + ansi) (colors are 24bit)
>> * 24bit true color (8*8*8 colors (aka 16 milion)
> Ok, I think we could add it to st without too much problems. But we should think
> if it has sense or not. Do you know how radare2 uses it?.
> Other related problem with this kind of sequences is that they are used
> only if TERM=xterm-256 or something similar, because there isn't any
> terminfo capability for them.
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