[dev] [st] Join lines when copying with mous

From: Dmitry Potapov <potapov.d_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 11:51:28 +0400

Hello everyone,

 I've encountered the following problems after migrating from xterm:
 When I'm selecting very long command from terminal (command which wraps to
 the second line) xterm copies it as single line.
 When I'm selecting the same command in st, st inserts line feed character
 at the point of line wrap, so when I'm pasting data from buffer to another
 terminal I'm getting two command, and first is automatically executed.

 Assume we have a terminal window, which width is 15 characters. First two
 characters is prompt ("$ "), I entered the following command: "ls
 /usr/portage/distfiles", so, at the first line I'll have "$ ls /usr/porta"
 and on the second line "ge/distfiles". I'm dragging mouse pointer from
 third character of first line to the 13th character of the second line.
 When i paste copy buffer to the another terminal I'll get the following:

 $ ls /usr/porta
 ls: cannot access /usr/porta: No such file or directory
 $ ge/distfiles

 Which is frustrating.
 There is SEL_RECTANGULAR selection type in st, but there is no any
 SEL_LINEFEEDLESS selection type, and from this I assumes that there is
 another mechanism present for such selection type.

 Can anyone tell me how I can avoid linefeed character pasting when I'm
 copying text between terminals?

 Thanks in advance,
 Dmitry Potapov
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