Re: [dev] [dwm] [PATCH] Focus root window on startup

From: FRIGN <>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 14:11:26 +0300

Am 8/31/13 1:37 PM, schrieb Markus Teich:
> I don't think this is a valid argumentation, since you could also turn it
> around and say:
> As lxdm works with most other window managers, it is the dwm-developers'
> job.
> Therefore i think it should be documented somewhere, who's job it is to
> focus the root window.
> --Markus

It's the same question Mauro raised and he got a famous answer from
Linus[1] (Don't force me to bring up his words here again).

It's a simple matter: What are you aiming your development at? Linux
Kernel developers are very keen on not breaking the userspace.
It's a bottom-up-system: Not the userspace adapts to quirks, the Kernel
space makes sure it provides a consistent, standardized interface to run
applications which have been built to comply with those standards.

Now let's look at dwm and lxdm again: What is mostly POSIX in the
kernel->application-space is the FD-WM specification in the window
manager space.
In the past, lxdm proved in many cases to be non-compliant with even
more basic specifications, like the XDG-specification[2], and I wouldn't
be surprised, if this problem could be attributed to the same cause.
On the other hand, dwm is a more than mature project: Relative to the
size of its codebase, the time spent developing it (over 7 years) has
paved the way for a more than well-optimized software.
LXDM is a much younger project, still heavily bug-ridden[3] and overall

So why don't you get in line and report it there[3]? Considering the
number of open bugs, you might be lucky and be able to have it fixed
before 2015 ;).



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