[dev] [dws] Project activity

From: FRIGN <dev_AT_frign.de>
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2013 12:14:23 +0300

Good day,

I was wondering if there is any news concerning the dws-project[1].
There are of course things with much higher priority at the moment
(let's just think about stali), but reading the README[2] got me really
interested in which direction this project may be going.
In my opinion, it could be a perfect middle course between the
complexity of developing a Wayland compositor and the bloat of the X
Window System.

Hell, maybe it is going to be easier to develop and maintain dws from
the ground up than trying to link X11 and all its dependencies
statically :D.

What do you think?

Best regards


[1]: <http://git.suckless.org/dws/>
[2]: <http://git.suckless.org/dws/tree/README>
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