Re: [dev] hggit and the suckless repos

From: Sam Ḥilluc <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 22:39:07 +0200

On 09/20/2013 10:14 PM, Alexander Huemer wrote:
> $ hg clone git://
> works for me. Are you sure there is a http+git URI scheme for hg-git?
> Kind regards,
> -Alex
Indeed, with the git protocol it works fine (I didn't know it, thanks).

But the http problem still holds, if a git repo is served by http or
ssh, you
have to add 'git+' before the protocol for hggit to recognize it (else
it will assume
it is a mercurial repo).

Also, I wasn't clear but when I tested the github and repos,
I used
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